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Can I get my money back from my lawyer???

Richmond, VA |

My lawyer has yet to represent me because my court case isn't until next month. Can I get my money back? I just feel that he's doing nothing to help me or my case and I want someone I feel safe to entrust my life with because if I'm charged with this bs I did not do I will be facing jail time and I will enevitably kill myself because I am not a strong woman at all and I'm pregnant. I cannot go to jail like a common criminal for something I did not do and my lawyer is doing nothing to help! I call and he sounds annoyed that I called to ask questions- which he couldn't even answer!!! Can I get my money back to find a better lawyer??? The bastard who filed these charges against me told me he would make me wish to die and what better way than to have me locked up for a crime I didn't commit?

Also, if I can't get my money back, can someone PLEASE give me some good advice on how to best represent myself? I would greatly appreciate it.

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You are obviously overwrought, however, remember, this too will pass with time.

Since you don't say what you're charged with, its difficult to help you. However, first, you CAN get your money back from an attorney who hasn't yet done anything on your case. However, I suspect you will find that he/she has done more than you may realize yet. Often when people have something pending, they think about it incessantly and expect their lawyer to think about it just as much as they do. Remember, in order to make a living, most lawyers must handle a number of cases at the same time. So we just can't think about every case as much as each client thinks about their own case.

If you want to fire your attorney, he/she can keep some money for having opened a file and done an initial interview. Don't expect they will give you everything back.

Next, get some therapy for yourself immediately. Those thoughts of killing yourself are not normal and not necessary for being charged with a crime. The other person has left you with what I call a "waking suggestion" which you have, unfortunately accepted that you will kill yourself if you're charged. This is not the end of the world or with your world. This will just be a blip in your history once you have your baby. Then all your attention will go to your child and this will all fade into the past.

Speak to a counselor, minister, priest, rabbi or somebody who can help you get through this and you will be fine.

Good luck.

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You certainly can speak with your attorney and explain how you feel. If the attorney is not sympathetic or unable to represent you then perhaps you can work out an arrangement for a refund and be able to obtain substitute counsel. It is true many competent attorneys lack empathy for their clients - if this bothers you by all means try to get new counsel.

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