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Can I get my money back and how without paying lots of money?

Vancouver, WA |

so I was buying a car from a co-worker . now and ex co worker I no longer work there. i had been making payments since dec 2012 for 300 month . And today the car got repoed .she only did it because we are no loner acountance . I was buying it for 2800 so only four payments left. and I had just bought tries i am still paying for

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  1. Can you prove that you have given her the payments? Do you have anything in writing (sales contract, etc.)? You can sue her in small claims court for a breach of the contract if you can prove that she wrongfully repossessed the vehicle. You will need to be able to prove your case, though.

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  2. A Court can sort this out. Your chances of success really depend on the facts of payment, how and why it was repossessed, who repossessed it and the contract.

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