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Can I get my money back? Legally?

Plantation, FL |
Filed under: Landlord-tenant law

Landlord does not want to refund the monies given for apartment, 1700. Move in day comes along the apt is still not ready as promised few weeks before I still move in my stuff, then the next day move everything out it hasn't been a week can I get my money back? Lanlord is only offering me 425.00 pf the 1,700

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  1. I am attempting to understand the facts. You had a move in date, but the apartment wasn't ready. Then the apartment was ready a few weeks later, at which time you moved in. But then you moved out the following day.

    If these are the facts, it appears you accepted the premises on the day you moved in. You are liable for the rents you agreed to pay. If the landlord is able to "mitigate" his damages by renting out the apartment to a replacement tenant, you may receive some refund.

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  2. I too am having a hard time understanding the facts. Can you clarify when the apartment was supposed to be ready, when you moved in, when you moved out, and specifically why you moved out. I would be happy to provide further comment.

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  3. It is a little difficult to say. There are a number of issues that you need to review with an attorney. First is why did you move out? Second is what was your lease agreement? What were its terms on the deposit? Without more information, it's really not possible to give good advice.

    You should review this matter with an attorney. Many attorneys offer a free consultations, including my office, where we can fully evaluate the complaint, your situation and goals.

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