Can I get my legal fees returned?

Asked over 4 years ago - Philadelphia, PA

I recently had pending criminal charges I hired a private attorney. I paid $2,500 for the preliminary hearing and $7,500 for a waiver trial but the District Attorney dropped the charges Nolle Prosequi before the case went to trial but I already paid the lawyer so am I entitled to any or all of my money back?

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  1. Answered . I agree with the comments of my colleagues, so the answer is probably not. Check your written fee agreement, though, for the exact terms of your agreement.

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  2. Answered . No. Ask yourself if the DA would have dropped the charges if the you did not have a lawyer ready to go to trial and win the case.

  3. Answered . Sounds like your attorney did a great job. Generally under what is called the "American Rule" the parties in court pay their own legal fees. So, barring very unusual circumstances, the answer to your question is no. Think of it this way, without the presence of your attorney in the case, the outcme of the case would likely have been different.

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