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Can I get my fingerprints expunged from the FBI database?

Marlton, NJ |

I was arrested 15 years ago and the case was sealed, but my fingerprints showed up in the FBI database when I apply for bank jobs. Is they a process I can get them expunged from the database so I can get a job in the banking industry?

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I don't think you can remove your fingerprints from the database. In fact, in this day and age, it would be quite difficult to purge your records from any database. However, you may be able to "expunge" an old charge from 15 years ago.

Contact me and I'll look into for you. My office is in Marlton.

Mark S. Guralnick, Esq.
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I do not fully know what you mean by sealed. If this was a juvenile record it would have been sealed at 18 but your prints could still be out there. You can expunge your juvenile record. This is not done often but the Statute allows for it. Part of such an Order takes your prints from all Jersey agencies and puts them in lock up. Knowledge of their existence is not be given out to most inquiries. The Statute says only law enforcement and the judicial system inquiries are permitted, but as my colleague said since 911 the government find everything. However my clients have not had any problems with private employers to date. One caveat, a Jersey Judge cannot order the Feds to do anything. The State Police does request the FBI remove the prints from their system and it seems they still do because of comity (respect for a State Order). Again, so far my clients have not had a problem. Call for more info 908-687-6650.

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