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Can i get my DUI dismissed in the state of NC if its my first offense and i have no recorded ?

Charlotte, NC |

I was pulled over and given a breathalyzer test then a compete field sobriety test and one more additional breathalyzer test and past all with flying colors . then they stopped to discuss the probable cause of whether i was under the influence. then was arrested and booked and was given 2 more breathalyzer tests which on the last one produced a 0.09 .i was released on unsecured bond and had my license suspended for 30 days since this was my first time being arrested or be accused of DUI . in the process the police confiscated my hand gun (which i own legally and with in NC law) and id like to get it back .

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The short answer is "no". The state will not dismiss the charge based on your record. However, there may be issues that could cause a judge to suppress the arrest in a pre-trial hearing.You need to consult an attorney who can review the facts of your case and tell you what the likely outcome is.

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