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Can i get my concealed weapons permit

Blackfoot, ID |

i plead guilty to a possesion charge in 10/97, with a withheld judgement, and was satisfactory release in 6/99. i restored my right and got everything dtraightened out with the fbi so i can buy guns, but the lady at the bingham county courthouse4 said i wont get it so dont waste my money sendin in a application to recieve my concealed weapons.. can i apply in another county to recieve it? and how do i get my withhelad judgement expunged from my record, or is it even on it?? it was case #97-964 in the 7th judicial district.

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Why do you need a concealed weapon and the permit? That's what the lady at the Courthouse meant. They don't give out these permits as easily as the government prints money. In general a civilian in no particular danger will not get a permit with the right to carry a gun. It leads to no good: remember Plexico Burress?

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