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Can I get money from lost personal property from the recent floods in Longmont, Colordado at my storage unit?

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My mother and I have long rented from a storage unit in Longmont, Colorado. The storage unit's management never told us they were in a flood zone and actually told us that they are not liable for flood because they are not in a flood zone. We never purchased flood insurance because we didn't think they were in a flood zone. Come to find out, they are in a flood zone and we lost everything. I am upset that they are in a flood zone and never notified us and actually to the contrary, they told us they that they were not. Can I do anything to get compensation for my lost items?

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The first place to look for the answer to your question is whatever the written terms of the storage agreement are. If you don't have that anymore, see if you can get a copy from the storage company. It would probably also help to talk to a lawyer once you get a copy of the agreement.

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I do have the contract. It doesn't notify us that they were in a flood zone. However, and as you probably imagined, it states that the tenants are responsible for insurance. If I would have known it was in a flood zone, I would have gotten flood insurance. But they didn't. They said they weren't in a flood zone. Thanks for your help!


Mr. Bailey is correct. Look at the contract with the storage unit. Oftentimes, they will have language in them that exempts them from acts of God such as floods and they require you to get your own insurance to cover the items in the storage unit. That has been the HUGE problem with the recent floods. Most insurance companies did not even offer the OPTION of purchasing flood insurance because they did not think that CO was in a flood zone like New Orleans and the East Coast, due to our high elevation.

The information provided in this answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not considered to be legal advice. Mr. Leroi answers questions on Avvo because he strongly believes in public service from his years as a judge, magistrate, and prosecutor. If you need to ask any follow up questions because my answer did not fully address your question, feel free to call Chris or post an additional question. Thank you.

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