Can I get married twice to the same person, if the first time is a confidential marriage and the second time a non-confidential.

Asked over 4 years ago - San Diego, CA

My fiance and I want to get married in CA, so that I may receive full health coverage for a year or 2. However, since we recently moved from another state that's far away, no one can afford the flight. We will not be able to obtain a witness. The wedding will be confidential. However, we will soon remarry and would like to have a non-confidential marriage license in the other state, because some day in the late future we may decide to move back home. Is that legally possible?

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  1. Dana Howard Shultz

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    Answered . You could hold a full marriage ceremony in the second state, with whichever secular or religious official that you wish presiding. You will not need a marriage license there, because you already will have one from CA - but there will be no need to tell anyone, other than the presiding official, that this is the case.

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  2. Kevin Paul Smith

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    Answered . This is an unusual scheme you've concocted and doesn't make sense. A marriage is one state is recognized in all states, therefore you don't need to get married in each state you move to.

    Hopefully, another attorney more familiar with these issues can provide more guidance.

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