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Can I get ITIN number as a F1 student so my boyfriend can file his taxes and put me as a dependent?

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I am an international student with F1 visa. My boyfriend is U.S citizen and filed his taxes but I heard I could get ITIN number and he could put me as a dependent.. Is this possible?
However I am only going to school full time - not working or anything. Would I still be able to get ITIN number so my boyfriend can use it to put me as a dependent? We live together & he has a job and supports me.

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I am not sure about the dependent but the number you can request from the IRS.

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Consult with a tax specialist. You can obtain the application form from the IRS website.

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Is this a tax question or an immigration question? Are you asking whether your boyfriend can get a tax deduction because he is supporting you? Or, are you wondering how adding you as a dependent affects your immigration status?

I am not a tax attorney so I cannot asnswer the first question.

When you received your F-1 visa, you had to show that you or someone else would support you while you were studying in the U.S. Is that person your boyfriend? If so, that might help his case to claim you as a dependent.

I think you need to ask a tax attorney this question.

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