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Can I get in trouble for playing a tape of my ex girlfriend making threats against me and other people?

Bloomfield, NJ |

My ex girlfriend is mentally unstable and lies a lot. She has made threats against my life and threatened to break my legs and she has made threats to hurt other people as she has asked me to do. Such as killing her ex husbands dog. I was secretly taping these comments. I mentioned this to a girl I was friends with. She told her friend because she some how felt she could be in danger. Who happens to be a friend of my ex who told her. It became a more threatening situation and I was made out to be a liar and lost this friend and others. I want to play this recording to this girl that was my friend because it will vindicate me. Can I get in trouble for this, in New Jersey?

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  1. You need third party consent to record someone talking.

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  2. It depends on where you recorded it. If you recorded it in New Jersey, you would only need the consent of one party to make the recording. But, the location of the recording is what matters, not where you are.

  3. Depends on where you recorded these statements. Each state has different requirements for determining the legality of recording someone without their consent. In New Jersey one party must consent to the recording. Best of luck.

  4. Best bet is not to do it.

  5. Only one person needs to consent in New Jersey - invariably the person making the recording. "Trouble?" Being within your rights does not insulate you from trouble. It seems to me that if your ex finds out, she will find new ways to make trouble, either legal or non-legal. Plus, I wouldn't bother about the "friend" as it doesn't seem that she was your friend anyway but, your ex's friend and will probably tell your ex about the recordings (and that your are playing them for "everyone" not just her. Move on.

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