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Can i get in trouble for my roommate having stolen items from a home burglary in my apartment, which is also his apartment

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my apartment was raided by the police, and they tore my apartment apart, and took my roommate away and put him in jail and his charges are first degree burglary and committing a felony while out on bail, some of the items that he stole he kept in our apartment, and i did not know about them. I was not there when the police did the raid. Can i get in trouble for stuff that he did?

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  1. you clearly were not arrested and aren't a suspect. I would leave his property alone--probably time to move away from that roommate.

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  2. It is possible. Since you were not there when the raid took place, police may want to speak to you about your roommate's activities and where and when you saw him bring in certain items. Academically, theoretically and hypothetically, your answers could support charges against you for aiding and abetting and/or conspiracy, among other charges.

  3. Perhaps. Possession of stolen property is a crime, so depending on the specific facts of your case, you may find yourself in some trouble. A defense attorney can get involved now to speak with police and prosecutors to get your side of the story across without the fear of anything you say on your own behalf later being misunderstood and used against you in court. You should obtain a free consultation from a San Diego County defense attorney to learn more about what can be done to ensure the best possible result.

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  4. Possibly, but not very likely...unless there's something more to this. In the interim, keep quiet about what you did or did not know and hire a locally experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you if you are contacted by law enforcement.

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