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Can I get him arrested?

Pittsburgh, PA |
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My daughter met this guy on the Internet and he claimed he was 16. Later on she found out he was 28 and he was interested in getting into a relationship with her still knowing that she was a minor. They communicated via text for a long time. Most of the time it was clean but sometimes it got sexual. He'd describe what he wanted to do with her and so forth. At some point he even sent her pictures of his private parts. He has also done things on webcam with her. He is a complete pedofile and I have stopped all communication between them. But is there any way that I can get this sick perverted man charged with something?

Attorney Answers 5

  1. Yes, contact your local police department

  2. Contacting the authorities is important. I suspect this person has a prior record of sexually offenses. Failing to contact the authorities may put other youths at risk.

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  3. Contact the police and report him ASAP.

  4. Save all the Internet communication and bring it to the local police department for prosecution. If they do not act then bring it to the District Attorney.

  5. Contact your local DA. At minimum, he can be charged with Corruption of Minors. The solicitaion over and the sexual photos over the internet may give rise to more serious charges.

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