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Can I get evicted?

Houston, TX |

I received letters from lawyers saying I was getting evicted & never received a notice. Is this legal?

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    The letter from the attorney could very well be your one and only notice. A landlord is only required to send a notice to vacate upon a tenant being in default, they do not have to give the tenant a prior warning. Follow the other attorney's suggestion and have the letter reviewed by an attorney. You may have a defense to the eviction as well.

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  2. Depends what the letter says. A Notice to Vacate can be served by mail. One cannot answer whether the letter you received constitutes proper notice. Have a local landlord tenant attorney review the letter(s) and prepare a defense.
    If you wish to check whether a suit for eviction has been filed, check with the clerk in the Justice of the Peace for your precinct.

  3. The letter from the lawyer could constitute the 3 day notice, assuming it containts the correct information. If they file an eviction suit, they are required to give you proper notice to sue for eviction and/or obtain attorneys' fees.

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