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Can I get emancipated in North Carolina at the age of 15?

Spring Lake, NC |

I know I have to be able to support myself 100% and I willl, I pretty much raised myself. I live with my grandparents because my mom hates me and my dad's disabled. I raised my baby brother and I really just want to be on my own and take care of myself.

And I don't have a bad relationship with my grandparents, it's just they're not fair to me.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. The age requirement is 16. Once you reach 16, you might find it would pay to hire an attorney. There is, however, and oline petition form. You could fill that in most carefully and then ask an attorney to review it.

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  2. It might be a good idea to go talk to the guidance counselor at your school or to a teacher you like, and tell them how you feel. Being alone would be very difficult, but there may be ways to improve your situation without taking this step right now.

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