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Can i get divorce after cross the POE I'm getting my LPR by i601 & 212 waiver extreme hardship ?

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but my husband has someone we have being way for one year i still love him and he doesn't know that i know my someone from his family told me everything can i divorce or i have to wait the 2 to 3 weeks to get the official green card and can him do something to cancel? we got married for love we have being together for more than 6 years

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  1. the problem is that even if your relationship is genuine, it will look fishy if you get divorced the moment you enter the US.

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  2. I'm sorry your question was confusing... To clarify..... Is your entry based on marriage to a US Citizen? How long were you married? Your question says you've been "together". I too agree with the other Attorney. It could look fishy. Find a good immigration attorney Good luck.

  3. you can get the divorece but it very well could cause you prolems as noted by the other attorneys filing so soon after entry. You should speak with an immigration attorney before doing anything.

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