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Can I get compensated for lost wages?

Aiken, SC |

I was a store manager and I made deposits every night but this particular night there was money left in the box, apparently the box was broken because no money would drop so my friend then gets out and snatches a bag out and threw it in her truck. I get home I call the cops and my boss told them what she did they asked me to call her so I did so she could bring the money to my apt. she came they retrieved the money both the cops and my boss told me to calm down I did the right thing, because I was hysterical I cried and cried. Then a few days later found out I had a warrant, I turned myself end up losing my job because it took them 16 months just to dismiss the case I. My pic was in the paper and its still online affecting me and my business what can I do. I

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More facts are needed, but unlikely, however, call a local lawyer to discuss in detail.


Discuss all the facts with a local personal injury lawyer


Your facts are a little unclear. You do not state the charges that were filed against you, or how that made you unable to work. In addition, there is not enough information regarding whether or not there was probable cause to charge you in the first place. You also do not indicate who you think should compensate you, the state, employer, your friend?



Burglary was the charge, my job suspended me but told me I can come back if the matter was resolved within90 days

David Ian Schoen

David Ian Schoen


You might want to consult with an employment attorney.


Personal injury was the heading for this post but the issues are unclear. I'll be the first to tell you it is highly unlikely you have any claim for wrongful termination. End of the day store management closing procedure requires an accurate count of any and all cash, completion of a deposit slip manually , electronically or otherwise and transpost of that cash in a cash security bag, box or other locked deposit transport. That "there was money left in the box, apparently the box was broken because no money would drop" makes no sense. Make no further comments about this sutuation without review with an attorney and do your best to find new employment and move forward. I wish you the best.

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