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Can I get back my license early on a 3 year revocation for 2nd DUI while on DUI probation and a BAC refusal.

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They had my BAC level in court. I am getting both DUIs dismissed by completing a 1 year substance abuse program for a possession charge. Court will dismiss DUIs , possesion and end my probation upon graduation. I am almost halfway through DUI classes as well and 1.5 years into my revocation. I have proof from court and probation of continued sobriety through testing and monthly court progress appearances.

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I don't think you will get it back early because of the refusal. Refusal established at DMV results in a 1 year license suspension EVEN if you get an acquittal in court.

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Anthony Michael Solis

Anthony Michael Solis


and yes, even it the case was totally dismissed.


No. DMV is not bound by what harms to the charges court, especially if DMV suspended based on a refusal.

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Regardless of what is going on in court... which seems like it's going very well, the DMV suspension will be your main problem right now. Check the letter of suspension that you received from them and you will need to at least get past that date. The refusal causes a big problem that you can't get around other than by serving out that suspension. Check with the DMV if you don't know the length of that refusal suspension with prior.

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you install show proof your

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