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Can I get arrested for making comments on a blog?

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I posted some not-so-nice comments on a blog about a girl who is currently a working actress (I don't know her personally but I know people who do). Bottom line, I called her a bitchy snob and stated I knew of a time she threw a beer on someone. I can not remove the comments because I posted them anonymously (or I would). However, I am now concerned she may take legal action against me or sue me for defamation of character. Is this possible and would she have grounds to do so? The comments were posted on a public blog run by someone else - not her own personal site/blog.

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If there was libelous content, and she wanted to pursue this, she could easily ascertain your identity by getting a subpeona for your identity from the internet provider. Best not to post bad stuff.

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Your answer is unclear and does not resolve my issue. Would those particular comments (calling her a snob and saying I knew she threw a beer on someone) constitute libel? I was simply expressing my dislike for the girl, not attempting to be malicious. However, in this day and age, it seems you can not express an opinion without fear of retribution. If you could clarify, I would appreciate it.


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That being said, defamation usually does not lead to criminal charges or arrest; that would require significantly more than saying mean things about a person. Could she sue you? If your statement was untrue and it tended to lessen her reputation in the community, maybe she can sue. Merely saying she dumped a beer on someone isn't worth suing over, though. In today's idiocracy where any publicity is good publicity, it probably enhanced her standing rather than reduced it.

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You ask two questions. Certainly, she could sue if you made defamatory remarks. She could even sue if you just posted opinion, and your lawyers might prevail over her lawyers, many dollars later. If you made no threats, i cannot see a basis for criminal charges, and so no arrest. You may want to take a year or two off the Internet until you arrive at a more even-handed way with dealing with gossip. Or, you could just not gossip.

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