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Can I get arrested at dmv

Atlanta, GA |

I have a active probation warrant and I want to get my id reissued so I can turn myself with id in my possession but i'm scared that ill get arrested before I get my id again, so basically I was wondering if I go to get a new id will I be arrested and will the police be alerted that i'm at the dmv.cause im tired of running from this.

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DMV records are one of the databases accessed in a radio car and are crossed linked with other databases.. If the attendant's computer is cross-linked, then the active probation warrant may show up. Some computer systems may alert police once a name is checked. In Los Angeles county, names and levels of warrants have been known to be flagged with alerts when accessing the DMV database.

I would not assume it to be different in GA.

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There is strong possibility that you can be arrested at the Department of Dirver Services when you apply for a reissued id. It depends on the type of probation you are on. If you are on felony probation, supervised by State of Georgia probation officers, more often than not your warrant would be entered on the NCIC/GCIC which is the computerized database that maintains criminal history records also known as FBI rap sheets. If you are on misdemeanor probation, it will depend on what y our local jurisdiction would habitually do. Sometimes the "warrant is entered" on the GCIC and sometimes it is not. You said you are tired of running, so you already know what you should do - hire a lawyer. A lawyer can arrange things you can't. Such as have you "walk in" to the courtroom directly and address the judge, thereby possibly avoiding custody entirely. However, this would depend on the severity of the violation. A lawyer may also be able to arrange a probation bond for your release from custody, pending the revocation hearing. Finally, you will look 1000% better to the court when you turn yourself in, as opposed to having the local Sheriff's fugitive squad tracking you down and taking custody with their guns pointed in your face.

Bert W. Cohen

Bert W. Cohen


I see you are in Atlanta. This answer is specific to Georgia, as opposed to other statements from lawyers in far away places.

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