Can I get an extension of 3 years on H1-B visa beyond 6 yrs using approved I-140 even though I have switched my field of work?

Here are the details of my case: I have an approved I-140 from my previous employer, a Civil Engineering company. I lost my job with that company during the recession and right now I work for a Software Company on H-1B visa. I am in my 6th year of H-1B. And my previous company has NOT revoked the I-140. So basically I have switched from one industry to another after getting the I-140 approved. I am not asking about I-140 portability or retaining the Priority Date, just the ability to extend H-1B visa beyond 6 years.

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Carl Michael Shusterman

Carl Michael Shusterman

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

I agree with Atty Behar. Also, you are eligible for one-year extensions of your H-1B status if you PERM application or I-140 was submitted over one year ago.

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Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Immigration Attorney - San Diego, CA

The rule is that you can extend your H-1B for 3 additional years if you have a previously approved I-140 petition , but were unable to adjust status, due to visa retrogression backlogs.

I would schedule an individual consultation appointment about the facts of your case with a competent immigration attorney in your area to advise you further.

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Rehim Babaoglu

Rehim Babaoglu

Immigration Attorney - Memphis, TN

My quick & dirty opinion is I think you can go up through your 6th year + any time you were out of the country during the 6 years. Your occupation has changed, therefore, you would have difficulty supporting the porting of your old PERM petition to the new employer. You really need representation by an immigration lawyer to review your whole history.

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