Can I get an court order to continue child support or half of reasonable college expenses while my son attend's college?

Asked over 1 year ago - Murrieta, CA

My son is 18 and just graduated high school. Based on the old court order, child support stopped accordingly. However, my son is going on to a 4-year college this fall. College is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. While his father has never been part of his life, will the court consider that he continue paying child support or pay half of reasonable college expenses?

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  1. Jeffrey Scott Drabin

    Contributor Level 13

    Answered . No. Under California law, there is no obligation to continue paying child support for your child given the facts you have stated and there is no obligation to pay for college. Absent an agreement between the parties that is then made into a court order, the Court has no authority to order a parent to pay half of reasonable college expenses.

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  2. Richard Forrest Gould-Saltman

    Contributor Level 19

    Answered . Unfortunately, not in California. As far as California law is concerned, your son's an adult; any arrangement for the payment of his support or college expenses by Dad is going to have to be by agreement, either between you and Dad, or between son and dad.

  3. Jennifer Anne Coenenberg

    Contributor Level 6

    Answered . No. Unfortunately in California, once your child turns 18 the court loses jurisdiction, and college expenses are not something the court will consider in continuing child support past the age of 18.

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