Can I get an arrest warrant lifted without being booked and actually arrested in New York?

Asked over 2 years ago - Schenectady, NY

My ex and I have orders of protection on one another. We went through tons of court crap last July (2011) to up about a month and a half ago. I did not get convicted of a crime but got 3 years probation. I split up with him recently and he went to the police saying I called him and said "mean things and called him names". In all reality, he has been calling me with threats and blackmail. I have the phone records and video tape of the threats and blackmailing. I CAN NOT get arrested while on probation and I am starting school back up in a few weeks. I can not be going through this again. Can I bring this evidence down to the court and have them lift the warrant of Criminal Contempt and be done with this?

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    Answered . You are in danger of arrest. Contact a lawyer to discuss the tapes with the police and prosecutor. Do not take tapes to police on your own n

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    Answered . First of all unless you are under nineteen if you got three years probation then you were convicted of a crime. With regard to what's going on now, if a warrant for your attest was issued it will not get lifted until you are arrested. Do not discuss anything with the police on your own. You cannot talk yourself out of an arrest and everything you say to them will be used against you. Make sure you get a lawyer ASAP.

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    Answered . No. 1st, you were convicted of a crime if you got probation. In this case, a misdemeanor.
    2nd, until the warrant is processed, the court does not review the case.
    3rd, are you sure there's a warrant or just a complaint the police want to arrest you on.

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    Answered . Your best bet is to hire an attorney, provide them with all of your evidence and have them reach out to the police and prosecutors on your behalf. If your proof is convincing, they may not arrest you. It's certainly possible that they will arrest you no matter what you do but your only shot at avoiding an arrest is having an attorney speaking for you. Your attorney can also speak to your probation officer and let them know what's going on. Some POs will hold off violating you until they see the results of the criminal case.

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