Can I get Alimony after 7 years of marriage if my husband is committing adultery?

Asked over 1 year ago - Kendall, FL

I have been married for 7 years and been the main provider for the first 5 years. The pas t 2 he has been as I had some health issues and needed heart surgery and just 3 months ago I was terminated from my job. I have no money and nowhere to go and he says he wants me out. He is still seeing his mistress. Also we have 3 children. 1 is his but i have raised her since she was 8 months. the other 2 are mine but he signed the birth certificates since there was no named father instead of adopting them. Is h obligated to pay child support if he signed knowing he was not the biological father?

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    Answered . Florida is a no-fault state so the fact that he was committing adultery plays no role into whether or not you would receive alimony. Your health issues may have some impact on the judge's decision regarding alimony. As to the children, if you were married to him at the time of their birth, he would be considered the legal father and would be responsible for paying child support. If he signed the birth certificate saying that he was the legal father, he also accepted the responsibility. If you filed for the dissolution of marriage, you could ask the court for temporary exclusive use of the home pending the outcome of the divorce. I suggest you contact a local family law attorney who can answer your more specific questions and get you on the right path to ridding yourself of this man. Good luck!

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    Answered . You have many issues going on here. Please see if a local attorney can assist you. Best of luck.

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    Answered . Seek the assistance of a local attorney or at the least, see if your local legal aid can assist you. You have many issues present but first and foremost, you have to make the decision to divorce him and move forward. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues. You have way too many issues to be addresses all at once. FYI. Adultery does factor in when it comes to receiving alimony as well as if he had an affair, that could be considered a dissipation of marital assets which means you would get more of the assets to make up for his spending money on the affairs. You might also be able to get attorneys fees and costs. Feel free to check out my website where I explain these things and have links to the statutes. Again, like my colleagues said, you need an attorney.

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    Answered . Alimony is a very complex area and highly-nuanced. Attorneys do not like to give snapshot opinions regarding alimony, or anything else for that matter. While alimony is not precluded by a 7 year marriage, it is far from automatic. You need to retain an attorney who is quite familiar with alimony and, moreover, family law in general. Good luck.

    Bill Rosenfelt (407-462-8787) (Orlando)

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