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Can i get a restricted license to go to work if the DMV suspended it for failure to pay traffic tickets

Venice, CA |

traffic fines high then they double and turn them over to collections who tells me DMV will suspend my license. if i dont pay in 30 days
i couldnt pay the $1000 fine so now they doubled and so I really cant pay it...then they are taking my DL to prevent me a way to work or to find work My question can i get a restricted license i know DUI offenders can get one...andt hats alot worses than unpaid tickets

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Typically, no, you cannot get a work hardship for failure to pay tickets.

John S. Riordan, Esq.
West Palm Beach, FL

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Unfortunately no. You might be able to get your fine converted into community service- but this can be very difficult. Have you requested a payment program?

Andrew Roberts

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You cannot however you can request your fine be converted to community service if you have a financial hardship. There is a fee for enrolling in participation in the community service programs but it is a small fee compared to what you owe on the tickets. You need to see the clerk to have them pull your ticket from collections. In some courts this requires setting a court date and asking the judge. They may or may not grant it. The best thing at this point is to walk into the court where your tickets originated and request to have your tickets pulled so you can take care of it. The worst that can happen is they tell you no.

DUI offenders only get a restricted license after enrollment and/or completion of an alcohol program and have to usually install interlock ignition devices in order to drive their car. It is by no means easier or cheaper.

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