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Can I get a restricted license for a first time DUI after my 30 day suspension but before my case is closed and still pending?

Temecula, CA |

I was told to get a "civil referral." Would this be a route in obtaining a restricted license?

I obtained the information from the DMV I needed and registered for my SR22 insurance. But when I went to enroll in the classes they told me I needed a referral from the court if I got the DUI in Riverside county as I did. I talked to a couple people and told them I didn't need a court referral but they wouldn't let me sign up for the classes. Might this be true for Riverside or are these people giving me the run around? The company is Anderson and Associates. Thanks

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  1. Yes you can enroll in a DUI program even if you have not finished your criminal court side of the case. Many programs incorrectly believe you need a court order to enroll in the program, this is not correct. Just make sure you talk to a supervisor of the program if they give you a hassle.
    Robert Driessen

  2. You can get the restricted license after the 30 day suspension while your criminal case is still pending if you are enrolled in at least a 3 month DUI School, have SR-22 insurance on file with DMV and pay a reissue fee at DMV when you get the restricted license.

    You should consult a DUI lawyer who regularly practices in the county of your criminal case. The timing of your DMV and Criminal case can be important in making sure you get the shortest hard suspension possible. DMV has made recent changes that can result in a hard suspension for more than 30 days.

  3. Yes. In order to obtain a restricted dl for work purposes you must enroll in the DUI class, obtain an SR22 from your insurance agent and go to the DMV on the 31st day of the suspension period to pay a reissuance fee.

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