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Can I get a restraining order against this person?

Seattle, WA |

I live in Seattle, WA. A co-worker at my last job harassed me at work and threatened to beat me up but only held back because she was still clocked in. It was so bad that I clock out and left the building. I left because if I did choose to stay she would have had her way. I also had to ride with the captain of the boat to get home safely (I work on an island.) She drove past me on my way to my ride and said she'll get me someday. Is there anyway I can get a restraining order on her??? Or was me quitting my job the only thing I could do.

She also threatened three other co-workers who were friends of mine. Now shes harassing me over the Internet.

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You should consider filing for an anti-harassment order. Check with your local district court in king county. They should be able to help you with the paper work.

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