Can I get a refund on an application fee when the landlord changed the agreed upon rent after accepting my application?

The landlord advertised and then verbally told us the monthly rent of the house was $1395 with no additional fees. The lease they sent has the rent at $1445, with $50 off for early payment and a ton of additional fees for parking, pet, and lawn care (which was supposed to be the tenant's duty). They charged a $25 fee per person for the application, which was for a property under different stipulations. Is there any recourse? We will not even consider a lease under the terms they now present.

Fort Collins, CO -

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Daniel Nelson Deasy

Daniel Nelson Deasy

General Practice Lawyer - Centennial, CO

You can write them a letter and discuss the possibility of a refund -- mentioning that you may take them to small claims court to deal with their failure to refund your dollars. The problem you will most likely encounter is that you paid an "application fee" -- which presumably has nothing to do with whether or not you rent the place.

Good luck.


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