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Can I get a refund for an online purchase even though the merchant has a "no refund policy"?

Orlando, FL |

I made an online purchase and now want to return the product. I asked the merchant and they will not grant my request for a refund because I acknowledged the no refund policy in the "Terms and Conditions" section by typing in my initials. I did not realize I had to scroll down through the "Terms and Conditions" to see where the policy was stated. I only read the text that was already showing in the box and did not realize I had to scroll down through it. I'm planning on contacting my credit card company to see if I could get a charge back. Do I have any other options?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. If you are not satisfied with the product you could protest the charge on your credit card - see the conditions for doing so in the terms and conditions of sale in that same disclosure and your credit card procedures. But there is no statutory (by law) grant of any cancellation option for your purchase based on the information you provided.

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