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Can I get a Reckless Operation from a DUI arrest expunged in Franklin Co. Ohio?

Westerville, OH |

DUI arrest 6 years ago in Col. OH. Officer pulled me over b/c said I was speeding, then immediately asked if I was drinking. I asked how fast I was going, said I was going 85 in a 65; I said that was odd since I had my cruise set @ 69 mph which flustered officer & then asked me to step out of car-I then asked to see radar gun, lots more to story after, but after a while they asked me to take breath test I refused & arrested me for DUI. In court highway patrol "lost" the video but was told the judge wouldn't drop the case as he is tough judge & didn't care. Charge was reduced to reckless op, I had no probation but license suspension for refusing to blow.
Was told I could get the reckless op expunged & need to do so for work, but I seem to get different answers. Can this be expunged & how?

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You should consult a local DUI attorney, who should be able to answer your question quickly and during the free consultation, which most of us offer. In CA you would be able to get a wet reckless expunged once you qualified, and my hunch is you can probably do the same in OH. A quick call to a local attorney should help you out. Best of luck.

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Ohio law does not permit traffic offenses to be expunged. These convictions go into your LEADS record and are also subject to the Interstate License Compact.

Ohio's expungement (sealing) statute was just amended last month by Senate Bill 337, and it afforded more rights to have multiple offenses expunged (actually sealed), but traffic offenses are still ineligible for this remedy.

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