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Can i get a public defender to reopen my closed case to get it dismissed to join the military?

Sharon Hill, PA |

Got arrested for possession of marijuana but special conditions of 2 year expungement if not founded guilty in any court and it was a juvenile case first charge

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  1. I'm not sure of your question. You would not want to reopen a case only the DA would do that. If you not convicted of a crime then yes go for an expungement. If you were found guilty then a pardon would be your only move.

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  2. PD's cannot reopen cases, if the time period is up you should consult with an attorney to get an expungement.

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  3. The Delaware County Public Defenders Office does not provide expungement devices . It is suggested that you contact a local criminal defense attorney that does. I would be happy to provide direction for you.

  4. If your career in the military is riding on this expungement, get it done right. Retain local counsel to see to it that this is off your record.

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