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Can I get a passport while on probation

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Can I recieve a passport while on probation

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Your probation may not cause you a problem obtaining a passport. Caution, though. You may have a problem getting into the country.

Whether that is so depends on how severe your crime was along with the actual terms and conditions of your probation.

Online, we are left to guess about your particulars.

Hire an immigration attorney to review your specifics and formulate a plan that is best for you.

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You also should not overlook any travel restrictions imposed upon you by the terms of your probation. It is not uncommon for probationers to be prohibited from leaving the State or otherwise being subject to travel restrictions. Typically, a probationer must garner at least the approval of their probation officer when leaving the state and/or country.

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The best way to ensure you will not trigger any potential violation of your pending probation is to examine the actual conditions attached to your probation (there may be restrictions on leaving the jurisdiction during its term) and discuss this issue with your assigned probation officer.
If, in fact, it appears then there is a travel restriction imposed during your probation term, an attorney hired on your behalf may file a Motion to modify the conditions and seek a hearing to address your particular needs for travel in any. Naturally, it is not a guarantee, yet, it is the procedural way to solve that issue.


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