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Can I get a part time job with a pending arrest for a misdeameanor, meaning that I still have to go to trial.

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Can I get a part time job with a pending arrest for a mideameanor, meaning that I still have to go to trial.

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  1. Most job applications ask if you've been "convicted", so you have no convictions for this case, hence it should not impact your ability to get a job. Good luck.

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  2. You can absolutely apply for a job and , depending on the charge, where you apply and how lenient your potential employer is, you would have a good chance at getting the job. Even if you answer a question that you have never been "convicted" of a crime, your employer has a right to request a criminal record check on you. This arrest WILL show up on that criminal record check. If your employer sees that you've been arrested but you didn't tell him - even though you weren't asked - he will likely believe that you were trying to hide it and that you are deceptive. This will not go well with a potential employer. So you need to decide whether or not to disclose this to your employer before he finds out on his own. In disclosing it, you are demonstrating your honesty and you can describe the offense/charge in the best possible light.

  3. As lone as you do not provide the prospective employer with false information, you should be ok with taking the job, part time or full time.

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  4. The short answer is: YES.
    The long answer is: you can certainly apply for any job that you are qualified for part time or full time. The decision to hire you is up to the potential employer and isn't controlled by you having a pending misdemeanor charge. I always advise that an applicant tell the truth on any job application. It is better to disclose a problem and then explain it, than to hide a problem and have an employer think you intentionally lied to them. Also, many job applications ask if you have ever been "convicted". Because this misdemeanor charge is still pending (and you haven't been convicted in the past of another charge) that means that you can truthfully answer this question - "No". If the question asks have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime - your truthful answer would be - "Yes". - and then follow with an explanation of the charge. I hope this information has been helpful. Good Luck in your job hunt!!! - and if you haven't hired an attorney to represent you on the charge,,, hire the best that is available to you ASAP!!!
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