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Can I get a pardon in Missouri if I first received SIS, and than 4 yrs Prison/parole on a Felony.

Kansas City, MO |
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7 years ago I was convicted of motor vehicle tampering felony C. I am now volunteering at a social service, and am going back to school. I regret my decision, and have made amends to my sister, and still am any way I can, and to society. It's been awhile, but I have been dealing with mental issues, and homelessness. I'll do what I can, really just want to know if it's possible under those conditions, please, and thank you.

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The granting of a pardon is with in the discretion of the Governor. You have no right to receive a pardon.

If you want to know if the arrest can be expunged, the answer is probably not. You currently would not meet the statutory requirements for an expungement. The actual court record should be closed.

If you in fact received an SIS you can truthfully state you have never been convicted of a felony offense. If the issue is have you pled guilty, you would have to disclose the fact you did plead guilty to a felony.

Good Luck.

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