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Can I get a Lawyer to protect patient rights at Riverbend hospital in Springfield Oregon?

Eugene, OR |

I had the misfortune of seeing Dr Stephen McGirr at Riverbend hospital in Springfield OR.

Dr McGirr Ignored repeated requests for a different Dr. and gave me inappropriate dosages of Phenytoin to deliberately cause seizures. Then modified medical records to cover it up. I could substantiate all but all the nursing reports that support my claims were removed from the records or not provided to me. I am confident that if I could contact some of the nursing staff I talked to they would confirm my allegations.

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You may want to look at the Oregon Board of Medical Examiner's website for information and your options (e.g. filing a complaint against the facility). You also have rights under HIPPA to correct your medical record. You can order your own complete copy of your medical record by sending in a release.

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If the measures proposed by my colleague above don't help, or if you need assistance with them, you should consult with an attorney who specializes in medical practice issues. You won't find anyone who will appoint an attorney to work for free, but you can probably find an attorney who will take the case on a contingency basis (taking a percentage of whatever you win; they don't get paid if you don't). Note that you might still need to pay the costs that the lawyer incurs in the case up front: that is, costs for copying documents, serving people, and so on.

Nothing in this answer is intended to create an attorney-client relationship. Each case is unique. You are advised to have counsel at all stages of any legal proceeding.

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I spent some time a few months ago and could not find a lawyer that would oppose Sacred Heart they are too big.

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