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Can I get a felony delivery of a controlled substance charge expunged?

Bath, PA |

I was arrested on 10/25/2008, not 100% sure when I was convicted. What I do know is that I was charged with 4 felonies for selling 2 $20 dollar bags of marijuana to a confidential informant. I made a deal and was convicted of 1 felony. I was just wondering if it was possible at this point to have this expunged from my record? It is becoming very difficult to find work.

Attorney Answers 4

  1. It can only be expunged once you reach 70 years of age. Your only recourse is to seek a governor's pardon. They are hard to achieve and you should seek help from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

  2. As Mr. Keller has said, the proper course of action is to seek a governor's pardon, not an expungement. An attorney will be able to help with this, but your success is not guaranteed.

  3. My colleagues are correct. Short answer is NO. Longer answer is maybe when you reach the age of 70. A pardon is currently the only conceivable option but given the relative recency of your convictions, a pardon is not realistic for several more years of highly productive citizenship. Sorry.

  4. My colleagues are correct. You can only expunge the arrest record of the 3 charges you weren't convicted of. The conviction can be pardoned but not expunged.

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