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Can I get a 3rd degree felony arrest for grand theft expunged in Florida without conviction?

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

I was arrested and charged with 3rd degree felony grand theft in Florida. My attorney says my case is very strong as it is only the owners word versus mine. No evidence and I never had stolen in my life. I have 3 witnesses to attest on my behalf. I am very confident that the case will either be dropped due to lack of evidence or I will be found not guilty if it makes it to trial.

My question is if I am found not guilty or the case is dropped can I expunge the arrest record and if so generally how long does the process take? I have not been able to find work because this arrest keeps showing on my background.

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Yes you can. It generally takes several months to get it expunged.

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If you don't have any convictions on your record and haven't had your record sealed or expunged before, yes. If your case was dropped you could get your record expunged and if a jury found you not guilty you would be eligible to get your record sealed.



I have a misdemeanor charge of affray that I ple dealed with and completed a six month probation. Will that disqualify me?

Amber Hill

Amber Hill


If you were convicted on the affray charge, yes it would. You may be able to get that conviction set aside. I would contact an attorney to help you with this matter.


You can expunge an arrest that did not result in any conviction (including withholds of adjudication) however be aware that if you have ever been convicted of anything else in your life you will be ineligible to expunge.


Yes, you can. Unfortunately, many are wrongly accused and the arrest haunts them for years. Recently, I had a client whose DUI was dismissed and he had trouble with work because his mugshot was on multiple websites. We were able to have them removed, but everyone at work already knew.

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