Can I file suit for wrongful foreclosure again? First was after non-judicial sale. They won judicial and now foreclosing again.

Asked about 2 years ago - Lebanon, OR

Bank(s) filed non-judicial foreclosure and auctioned on 12/1/2010, I filed suit 1/11, they rescinded foreclosure 7/11 so said we lost because the foreclosure was rescinded then filed summary judgment for judicial foreclosure 7/2012. We file bankruptcy 8/13/12. Now that that is all over they just sent a letter that they are resuming foreclosure proceedings. Can I file wrongful foreclosure again after they auction again? Or do I have to file something different?

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    Answered . I think the question your asking is: How do I keep my house for longer? The answer is hire an attorney to defend the foreclosure or file a chapter 13 repayment plan and cure the arrears. The payment plan will allow you to keep your home in the long term by bringing you current again. The foreclosure defense will likely net you more time and a chance at negotiating a modification with the lender's attorney. Either way, you should contact local counsel and sit down for a free consultation to determine your options. Good Luck to you.

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  2. Answered . Wrongful foreclosure may be a defense, but whether it's available depends a lot on the facts involved. If you haven't been paying your mortgage payments since 2010, at some point there will almost certainly be a judicial foreclosure of your property. Because you've already filed bankruptcy, there's no fear of a deficiency, so you might be in a good position to get a cash-for-keys offer or to see how far you can delay the process. Many more details are needed before anyone can give you better advice. If you haven't had a meeting with a lawyer yet or lately, you should set one up, especially if there's already a foreclosure proceeding in the courts.

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