Can I file my own inventory if my attorney is not doing it on time?

Asked 11 months ago - Houston, TX

I provided everything to my divorce attorney to file my inventory on time, but she has not done it. My trial is ten days from now. In a previous hearing, the judge asked my attorney for my inventory. She said that she would explain, but never did. She says that the inventory can be filed at the last minute. I don't feel comfortable with this. Can I file my own inventory without my attorney?

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All of these suggestions have already been done. I made the draft, I gave the supportive documents. I spoke with her about the court holding me in contempt for not complying. I know that I have to notarize it, and that will take time. My attorney won't answer my phone calls or e-mails. Can I file it myself? I don't want the judge to think that I am not complying.
PS. The court will not grant another motion for continuance.

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    Answered . You should really talk to your attorney about this. No other lawyer should advise you while you are represented by another attorney. If you disagree with your lawyer, I suggest politely explaining why you are uncomfortable and ask her to further explain the strategy to you. Trust between an attorney and a client is one of the most important aspects of the attorney/client relationship, and it goes both ways.

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    Answered . Why file it? If you are going to prepare an inventory yourself why not show your draft to the attorney to revise and then file? That would be much more sensible than filing it on your own which will probably cause more problems than it solves..
    When do you think your inventory is due? You can try to talk with your attorney, but if you have lost confidence the best thing may be to file a motion for continuance so you can hire a new attorney. The problem is that most people are so invested in their attorney by that time, that it would be very expensive in terms of money and time to get another. At this point it should be about more than just the inventory. Do you trust this attorney to try your case?

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  3. Answered . This may be a problem. 9 courts in Harris county and all lawyers are supposed to efile. Clerk should take your inventory, but I would make sure you have copies file stamped and serve it out on the other party.

  4. Answered . You should keep pushing. Talk to the lawyer's assistant or paralegal for an update if you can't talk to the attorney.

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