Can I file for 2 car accidents 1 where I was convicted of DUI, was uninsured both times. And a judgment to the city for towing.

Asked over 1 year ago - Chicago, IL

They claim I had marijuana in the car so I was charged $1,000 plus storage and towing fees. One car accident I was convicted of dui. The other car accident did not involve dui but I was uninsured

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    Answered . I can't think of anything to file in the DUI situation since you indicate no insurance. If the other accident involved another at fault vehicle driver (or something else that caused the accident) and you suffered property damage/personal injury, there may be something to pursue. But your question about "filing" (especially regarding the DUI) is a bit confusing.

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    Answered . I am sorry but this question is unclear to me. You were "convicted of DUI" and you want to "file" or make a claim for two car accidents. You want to make a claim to whom?

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    Answered . Your question is unclear and more facts are needed to give you useful advice. If by "filing" you refer to bankruptcy, your accidents may fall into the non-dischargeable category under 11 USC §523. the judgment owed to the city for towing might be dischargable unless it is deemed a debt owing to the government.

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    Answered . Your question is confusing. What do you mean by asking can you file? File what?

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    Answered . Would think its all about fault. Simply, if you are 50% or more at fault, you get no recovery. Thus, file what against whom?

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    Answered . Please post more facts, and what claim you think you have

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    Answered . Legislators can pass all the 'no-fault' law they want, our legal system is still based entirely on negligence law and fault if you want to bring a claim for damages. If you were at fault, the're no valid claim. As others have said, the question is not entirely clear and you might either (a) repost or (b) consult with an experienced attorney in your jurisdiction. Finally, if you are asking about bankruptcy, the DWI/DUI scenario pushes claims into the non dischargeable category. Here's more: BLUE LINK BELOW

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    Answered . If the other car was at fault, the DUI and insurance issues are IRRELEVANT. You can sue as many people as cause you injury. It is as simple as that.

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