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Can I File Charges For Slander? Is This Civil Or Criminal? He is very powerful and I can't get a lawyer in town. He is evil.

Cookeville, TN |

I work very close with a physician and his wife and I became friends. I was friend w/both but they are divorcing. I have not taken sides but he is paranoid; I know a lot about him and could testify to. I have stayed away from both since the beginning of the divorce and have been out of work because of surgery. Out of no where I get calls from people today saying he is telling them his wife and I are lesbians. This is not true and he has told 4 people that have called me who would testify. I can prove I am not a lesbian, that he is trying to discredit me, that this was said as fact, that people believed him, that he meant it as malicious intent, he is now trying to get me fired while I am out on sick leave and there are E-mails and text messages circulating. CAN I FILE CHARGES

This doctor has millions and he is trying to protect it. Everyone in town is afraid of him including the judges so he renounced himself and transfered the case to another county an hour away. He has cause harm to many good people and everyone is afraid of him. He told me if his wife were dead on the street he would tell someone to clean up that trash. I can't get a lawyer in town and and no one will help me. Also I forgot to mention that I have a ministry. We do women's conferences, monthly meetings and have a website were we minister daily. I minister the word and his wife is the worship minister. He is saying that we have a lesbian ministry which is all completely fabricated and he has no grounds for saying these things other than his intent to discredit my reputation which is what I want to address. He has done this to numerous others and ran them out of town because they could no longer work here.

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Your "question" is very difficult to follow. From what I can discern, I see no grounds for a criminal complaint.

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