Can I file bankruptcy on Georgia State Taxes from 13 years ago - I have filed every year that I had sufficient income to file.

Asked about 1 year ago - Jonesboro, GA

I still have a tax lien from 1999 taxes (due to early withdrawal of a 401K). How long can Georgia collect, and can I file bankruptcy?

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  1. Robert M. Gardner Jr.

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    Answered . In either a chapter 7 or 13, the question will be whether or not the debt is dischargeable. If the tax return was filed more than three years ago, it would be dischargeable. However, if the state came back and reassessed your taxes because of the 401k withdrawal (because you did not claim it on your tax return), and you never went back and filed an amended return, it would not be dischargeable. If it is dischargeble, a chapter 7 will not remove the lien, and it would continue to be attached to any property you owned as of the date you filed the case, but not on property acquired thereafter. Were you to file a chapter 13, and regardless of whether or not the actual tax debt is dischargeable, you could value the lien in an amount equal to your equity in any property, which may end up being a lesser amount, and pay the lien off over time.
    As this is a very complicated issue, you need to go in and sit down with a bankruptcy attorney to go over all of the circumstances. As the taxes are old, the state has probably given up on collecting, but the lien will stay until you do something with it, and could eventually give you problems financially in terms of purchasing property or borrowing money.

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  2. Glen Edward Ashman


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    Answered . Attorney Gardner has given an excellent answer. The answer is maybe it's dichargeable and maybe it isn't (and they can still collect on it now). To be dischargeable, you needed to have accurately reported the tax due and not paid it, as opposed to having them audit or reassess you for taxes you did not report.

    The lien adds complications, as Mr. Gardner noted.

    Additionally, your other debts and assets (and income) all affect not just waht happens but what you can or should file. That involves sitting down with all the paperwork with a lawyer.

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  3. Linda Simmons Campbell


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    Answered . If you have property that the tax lien is attached to then you would want to talk to a tax attorney prior to filing bankruptcy. While your personal tax debt will be discharged , if you own any property the lien will stay attached to the property. Office number: (860) 255-7423 Website: Our reply to your question has not... more

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