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Can I file bankruptcy on a judgement ordered from a court

Houston, TX |

I moved out of an apartment complex and gave then a 29 day notice instead of 30 days as the contract says so the judge ordered me to pay the months rent plus late charges the complex wanted. Can I file bankruptcy on that along with hospital bills and an education loan ( truck driving school)?? if so can you refer me to a good lawyer?

What is the best action to take to file Bankrutcy? I would like to clear my credit and start over due to Divorce. Help!! I need to find a b/r attorney

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Bankruptcy will most likely discharge this type of debt. However, whether it's a good idea or not depends on your whole financial situation - how much property you have, the type of property, your income and the amount and type of your debts. Generally, student loans are not dischargeable.

    I can give you a referral for a lawyer who does this type of work, if you still need it. Be prepared with a list of everything you own, with values, and all of your debts, with amounts, account numbers, and the address of the creditor.