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Can I file a motion for non-disclosure for misdemeanor theft if I got time served? (Houston Harris County)

Houston, TX |

In 2009, I got arrested for misdemeanor theft (500-1500). I was in jail for four days, then went to court, plead guilty and got time served. Is it possible to do something about my record so I can apply for jobs again? I don't think I qualify for an expungement; can a file a motion for non-disclosure? Or will that not work either because I spent time in jail? Thank you

If I don't qualify for non-disclosure, is there something else I can do? Thank you

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  1. No expungement. Also, unfortunately I don't think non-disclosure is option. To be eligible for non-disclosure you would've had to successfully complete deferred adjudication, and then have your case dismissed.

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  2. A case that ends with a jail sentence on a class B or higher criminal case...which you seem to have not expungeable unless the defendant gets pardoned.

    An order of non-disclosure is something that can be applied for following most deferred adjudication probations, but not after jail sentences.

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