Can I file a motion for default if I recieved the response but courts did not?

Asked over 2 years ago - Ocala, FL

I live in florida and filed a divorce. He has been served and today is his last day to file a response to the divorce. He had his mom hand deliver me his response, but the courts have not gotten it. If they do not recieve his response today, can I still file a default even though I have a response?

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  1. Lucreita D. Becude

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    Answered . You could but you are taking the chance that he will file for a Motion to set aside the default judgment based on the fact that you were given a response prior to the default. then you would look unfavorable in the court for the balance of the divorce action. Be wise, accept the response and file it for him and then set your hearing or do a counter to his answer.

  2. Ophelia Genarina Bernal-Mora


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    Answered . No, not recommended. There really is no point either because he can easily get it set aside and then you look like you did it in bad faith.

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  3. Elmer Sanchez

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    Answered . Technically, you could try to get the default. However, it will ultimately be a wast of your time. The court will acknowledge that you did receive a response, and will want to hear the case on the merits. In addition, family law courts will always allow a parent to be heard when children are involved. This applies even with a default. So, if children are an issue in your case, it will make little if any difference.

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  4. William H. Davie II

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    Answered . Generally no. Once a paper is served then you can no longer get a clerk's default.

    The reason I say generally, is that family law can be a little quirky if you don't practice in it--and I do general litigation but no family law. I'm going to reclasify this as a family case so that someone who may have a little more knowldege thatn me as to the family law aspects might be able to confirm that.

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  5. Robert Lincoln

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    Answered . No. You cannot file it in good faith because you have received a response from him indicating his defense. You have been served with the response, and the rules require "service" of an answer within 20 days, not filing.

    If you are asking these kinds of questions, you are not represented by an attorney. You should get assistance of counsel.

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