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Can I file a lawsuit for an accident on someones property?

Duluth, MN |

What happened was I was in a parking lot with my motorcycle and I was with some other people and I came across the lot kinda fast and wiped out on some sand that was on the ground and slid into a curb, I broke my neck and back and spent a month in the hospital, I don't think there were any no trespassing signs or anything up, it is fenced in but the gate was open, just asking because several people told me I should sue them being I can't work now. What do you think?

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It would be difficult. You would have to show they breached some duty to you - that they were aware or should have been aware of a defective condition and did not remediate it and htat you were one of those protected by the conduct.

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You can sue but it sounds as though it would be difficult to win based on your description. You can consult a local attorney and many are found here on Avvo.

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You are asking whether or not you have a premises liability case due to the sand being on the ground of the parking lot. A personal linjury lawyer could attempt to make a claim based on a dangerous condition, thus, contact a lawyer in your city from Avvo and try to get representation. Good luck.

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