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Can i file a lawsuit against my employer if i am being harassed at work and the owner of the company does not stop it?

Woodbridge, NJ |

I am being harassed at work by a few employees and i brought it to the attention of the owner of the company, we do not have HR or hotline. When i brought it to his attention he said he was behind me 100% and said he did not want me to leave. He came back to me and said the other employees denied it and he doesnt have any proof. the harassment has continued and i brought it to his attention again and this time he said he was not going to do anything about it and that i am bringing it on myself. i proceeded to tell him that i know he is aware of it because another employee told me that he confronted him because he witnessed it. the owner has now said to me that i should quit.what can i do

i should also state that i am the only female manager out of all of the companies and the harassment is by a male manager that wants me out and has stated that the owner should have hired the man that was interviewed before me. i think that is why they are trying to get me out of my position

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I believe you only have remedies depending on what you mean by harassment. Sexual Harassment, Racial Harassment... are all protected. But, it is not clear what kind of harassment you are referring too.

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