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Can I file a harassment charge to my neighbor for harassing my dogs?

Great Falls, MT |

My neighbor walks out of his shop to empty the trash and comes all the way to the fence and waits for my dogs to notice him. Once they do he proceeds to walk closer. Causing them to bark. Once he gets all the way to fence he then starts yelling at them. I've even seen him reach over and taunt them to bite him. Have also seen him raise a hand like he was going to hit them. This sets one of my dogs off as he came from a abusive home before I got him. He does these actions almost on a daily basis. I guess my question is there anyway I can file harassment charges for him taunting my dogs?

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I do not know any peculiarities of MT, but generally not. The annoyance is to you, not the dogs. However, if you beleive that he is intending to harass you or annoy you, you can file a nuisance charge against the person criminally if you feel that it is warranted. However, before escalating this problem, you may want to consider the type of person you are dealing with. Raising the stakes with someone who is irrational can be dangerous. Consider strongly whether the acts are meant to get a rise from you and whether it would be safer and more peaceful in the long run to ignore it.

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I disagree about the suggestion to ignore it. I have had clients whose neighbors have done this and eventually a neighbor is bitten or attacked by the dog. The neighbor then files a dog bite complaint or dangerous dog complaint with animal control. You need to make a record of this behavior to show a history of provocation. I would set up a video recorder and record it. Then I would also report it to animal control or the authorities that oversee the enforcement of the animal code in your jurisdiction.

This is not to be construed as legal advice. I do not have an attorney client relationship with you.

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Get a security camera to record it.

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