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Can I file a harassment charge against a neighbor?

Bremerton, WA |

Our neighbor has called authorities on us several times. Twice when there was work being done on our property, once when my son was riding a dirt bike (cc90 that is not loud) and now the humane society on our dog! They have also sprayed a hose over our fence at a guest who was outside not doing anything! The authorities always have to come out to investigate but they have always said that we are NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG! We are done with these pain-in-the-neck neighbors...what are OUR rights???

Attorney Answers 2

  1. File a police complaint for harassment. In municipal court you need to show a persistent pattern of this behavior. Videotaping it would be a good idea. Since the local police are glossing over this misbehavior, use an attorney to file suit. If the harassment continues you might want to consider a civil suit for emotional harm.
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  2. It sounds more like you may wish to consider a civil suit for harassment, based upon their tending to call the police over false allegations. Calling the police in this instance probably will get you nowhere, but a civil suit for damages may.