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Can I file a complaint against my neighbor for harassment? They complain & now call the cops for any kind of music that I play.

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They are my across the street neighbors& we like to play music (small stereo,laptop never a dj), before they would walk over as early as 6/7pm&ask to lower the music which we did then 20mins later they would come again &again.... lately they seem to just pick up the phone and call the cops over in over even as mentioned by the cops the music isn't even loud its moderate but because there was a call they had to come over,yet their next door neighbors who play drum sets, party yell & talk, don't bother them but let us play a latino type music & without a doubt cops show up i feel like its racism today my dad came home played one song on his truck to unload the groceries & cops showed once the music was off its 1pm are u serous!! I'm fed up with this what can i do i know hes an attorney :/

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You can't do anything. Your neighbors can tell total lies to the police about you, and you could not sue them for anything. (It's still a crime, so don't do it yourself in return). If the police get annoyed enough, they could charge your neighbors with filing a false police report or merely put responding to them way down on the list of things to do.



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You probably can't do anything. You could potentially seek a restraining order or injunction, but under the facts you provide, I doubt you would be successful. That could also be costly.


Calling the police isn't harassment for purposes of harassment restraining orders (it is allowed under the statute). Your only option would be to file a petition for injunction, which would be an expensive endeavor. If the police agree that your music isn't loud, I believe that they would have increasingly slower response times in order to discourage further reports. The only option left after these two would be to move.

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